DC-area OBGYN equips patients with digital health "Mommy Kits" from Babyscripts

By Aditi Pai
09:59 am

BabyscriptsWashington DC-based Babyscripts, which offers a "Mommy Kit" that includes its pregnancy app and partner connected health devices, has inked a deal with Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin (RHJN), an OBGYN private practice in DC.

RHJN employs 17 physicians and five nurse practitioners.

The provider will equip its patients with a kit, called Mommy Kit, that includes a smartphone-connected weight scale and connected blood pressure monitor. The devices are either from Withings or iHealth depending on which the customer prefers.

“There’s a huge movement in healthcare to use wearable technology and apps to improve health and fitness, with Fitbit and other devices,” Babyscripts cofounder Juan Pablo Segura said in a statement. “But there are very few technologies that engage the doctor and patient directly. We’re creating new approaches to promote wellness and manage patient care beyond the traditional clinical setting.” 

The weight scale and blood pressure monitor sync data with Babyscripts' companion app, also called Babyscripts. The app sends the patient a weekly to-do list that includes medical, nutrition, and lifestyle-focused reminders. Babyscripts' app alerts patients when they sync abnormal weight or blood pressure readings. The app also offers educational content about pregnancy that each practice can tailor to their patient's specific needs.

The MommyKit costs providers $300 per patient. Babyscripts CEO Anish Sebastian told MobiHealthNews in an email that the company "demonstrated at a minimum 2X ROI by increasing operational efficiencies in a practice". Babyscripts' website suggests that one way the company increases operational efficiencies is by tracking blood pressure and weight from home instead of during in-person office visits.

In December 2014, Babyscripts added health system Medstar Health as a customer. Its other customer is Duke Medicine, and it has an ongoing pilot at George Washington University Hospital.

The company behind Babyscripts, called 1EQ, raised $1.1 million from Kensington Partners and the Ense Group in December 2013. At the time, the company was building a platform that integrated genomic data and personal data from patients to help doctors dictate what information the patient needs after leaving the doctor’s office.


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