OptimizeMe to relaunch, rebrand after dispute over UnitedHealth's OptumizeMe

By Jonah Comstock
07:06 am

OptimizedOptimizeMe, the Zurich, Switzerland-based life logging app that interprets wellness data users collect through apps and devices, will soon launch its second version under a new name, following an "amicable legal dispute resolution" with UnitedHealth Group.

OptimizeMe shares a very similar name with United's employee wellness app OptumizeMe, and United holds the trademark on the name. Under the agreement, the Swiss company will retain OptimizeMe GmbH as its company name, but it will change the name of its app to "Optimized - Lifelogging and Quantified Self Improvement App".

As we reported when OptimizeMe launched in January 2014, the app allows users to manually enter data into its app, but it also integrates with Moves and uses the Foursquare database of locations to record where users are going and what kind of activity they are doing. From there, the app uses correlations to show the user what their data means.

Correlations can be as simple as what exercises work better for weight loss. They can help users understand which friends affect their mood and, from there, what changes users could make to their social life. The app also tracks the role of foods, places, and sleep in users' lives. 

The new update, which will go live March 20th, introduces support for Apple HealthKit as a way to bring data from a much wider variety of devices into the app. OptimizeMe says HealthKit will add 900 new data sources, likely based on recent remarks Apple CEO Tim Cook made about there being 900 HealthKit-enabled apps. However, not all apps are sharing data to HealthKit, some just pull data from it.

The update will also include a slew of new data visualizations: a new timeline screen to visualize previously recorded activities, a new visualization of completed goals on the user's profile, and a new chart that shows daily and weekly averages, highs, and lows for tracked activity metrics.

The app, which was free when it launched last year, now sells in the Apple AppStore for $3.99, although for a limited time the new version will be available for $1.99.

Interestingly, United's OptumizeMe app has been fairly quiet for the last few years. The app hasn't updated since January 2014, when OptimizeMe first launched, according to analytics company App Annie.


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