Keas launches Health Hub to move into health benefits management

By Jonah Comstock
11:29 am

KeasCorporate wellness platform Keas has launched a new product for self-insured employers, called Health Hub. It aims to be a comprehensive health benefits management platform that incorporates Keas's existing employee wellness offering as well as health management and reporting, disease management programs, smoking cessation programs, gym memberships, cost transparency tools, and more.

"The irony of reducing waste and improving the health of the employer-sponsored population -- for over 100 million Americans -- is that it's not a health problem, but rather a marketing and IT problem," Josh Stevens, CEO of Keas, said in a statement. "The techniques used to solve the healthcare engagement dilemma must come from consumer marketing and IT professionals who can simplify and streamline the employer-sponsored health experience."

By making a hub play, Keas brings itself into competition with the likes of Zenefits, a fast-growing company offering free software for managing benefits, or Maxwell Health, an online benefits manager which, like Keas, integrates with activity trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone.  That model has been working out well for those companies, which have raised $83.6 million and $34.4 million, respectively.

Keas raised $7.4 million last September, bringing their total funding to $39 million.

Keas VP of Product Raul Mujica argues that mobile health innovation has actually led to an over-saturation of employee wellness tools, which can overwhelm self-insured employers.

"The last five years have resulted in an unprecedented wave of innovation in health IT, health benefits, and healthcare policy reform," he said in a statement. "Self-insured employers must navigate a highly-specialized suite of health benefit vendors, complicating and fragmenting the experience for both employer and employee. This has driven health benefits engagement to an all time low. The ever-increasing demand for an employee engagement solution and cohesive benefits experience is exactly why we brought Keas Health Hub to market."

In February of 2014, Keas announced several new customers including Target, Wix, Safeway and American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings. Other Keas customers include Pfizer, Salesforce, Reed Elsevier, The Cheesecake Factory, and BAE Systems. Before that, Keas partnered with Fitbit so that Keas users could automatically sync their Fitbit data with the platform. At the time, Keas also integrated with health coaching platforms GAIN Fitness and meQuilibrium.


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