Omron launches smartphone-connected activity tracker, fitness app

By Jonah Comstock

OmronJapanese medical device company Omron Healthcare, which has been marketing digital thermometers and blood pressure monitors for over 50 years, just launched its first smartphone-connected activity tracker, along with a new app that tracks fitness data and integrates with Apple Health.

The Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker, a Bluetooth-enabled clip-on activity tracker, records steps, distance, and calories burned. The device is less than an inch across; smaller than any of Omron's previous pedometers and non-connected activity trackers. The device is compatible with iOS and Android phones and can store up to two weeks of activity data in the device itself.

"Your well-being can be a bit of a numbers game, so we've designed smart tools that offer a clearer picture of your health," Jill Person, Product Marketing Manager for Fitness at Omron Healthcare, said in a statement. "Our users are already active, but now they can be pro-active about their fitness goals and achievements by leveraging technology."

The Omron Fitness app, which went live March 1, allows users to store activity data, upload it to the cloud, and view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activity logs. Users can also set goals and track progress for each individual metric the device measures.

The device will be available for $59.99 on Amazon and at Walgreens, with additional retailers coming soon. The company will also produce a bulk version for employee wellness and research purposes.

Omron may not have had a connected fitness offering before, but the company has had an app, Omron Wellness, since June 2014. Omron Wellness is an app for tracking and managing blood pressure, which communicates with Omron's Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitors. Those monitors also integrate with Walgreens' rewards program, a partnership that could be expanded in the future to include the Alvita tracker.

In addition to its connected devices, Omron is known for its extensive retail distribution apparatus. Last December, Omron partnered with AliveCor to help bring AliveCor’s FDA-cleared smartphone-connected electrocardiogram (ECG) to more online and brick and mortar retailers.