myHealthPal raises $700K for Parkinson's monitoring app

By Aditi Pai
06:29 am

myHealthPalNew York City and London-based myHealthPal, not to be confused with telehealth product HealthPAL, data platform MyFitnessPal, or Advocate Children's Hospital's app MyHealth Pal, has raised $744,000 (500,000 pounds) in a round led by Andrew MacKay (chairman of Yapp Brothers) and angel investor Will Armitage with participation from Proxy Ventures. TechCrunch first reported on the investment.

MyHealthPal has developed an app that aims to help patients track and manage chronic conditions. The company has started with Parkinson's, but plans to expand into other conditions in the future.

The app uses symptom tracking data and results from condition-specific tests, for example a tapping test for people with Parkinson's, to provide patients with progress reports. (That feature is not unlike the one onboard one of the first ResearchKit-enabled apps.) This data can also be shared with family members and providers. MyHealthPal also helps patients schedule, manage, and track medication use.

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If users choose, they can take part in the company's data donation program. The program allows patients to donate their anonymized data to research organizations and myHealthPal will provide patients with a share of the profits the company receives from selling it.

MyHealthPal is currently conducting a trial for the app with Parkinson's patients at Mount Sinai Movement Disorder Clinic.

Earlier this month, Mount Sinai announced that it would be a part of another health app-based clinical trial, for Apple ResearchKit's asthma app, called Asthma HealthThe app aims to help patients adhere to their treatment plans and avoid asthma triggers. Patients can use the app to record daytime and nighttime asthma symptoms as well as how they affect the patient’s activities. It also tracks daily usage of controller and rescue inhalers along with asthma triggers: colds, increased physical activity, strong smells, exhaust fumes, house dust, peak flow, and animals.


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