19 health and fitness Apple Watch apps that appear ready at launch

By Aditi Pai
10:43 am

Nike Apple Watch appApple's newest offering, the Apple Watch, is set to launch April 24th. When the watch launches in a few weeks, Apple will launch a new section in its app store specifically for Apple Watch apps.

The Apple Watch, which was announced September 2014, will track movement through a built-in accelerometer and heart rate through optical sensors in the back of the device. It will extrapolate further data from the GPS and WiFi radios on the user’s iPhone, which will be required to use some of the features of the device.

Leading up to the launch date, a number of companies have announced that they will be releasing versions of their apps for the Apple Watch timed with or soon after its launch. Some of these companies' apps, including Nike+ Running, Strava, and a new Mayo Clinic app, are featured on Apple's website, while others have announced their app launches independently.

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Here are 19 health and fitness apps that will offer Apple Watch apps at launch (or soon after): 

Apple's featured apps

Nike+ Running -- This app helps users to track their distance, duration, and pace while wearing the watch. A social feature on the app allows users to send a "cheer" to friends who are also using the app. The watch will also provide users with information summaries, called Glances, and Nike plans to create leaderboard updates using this feature to alert users to how they are ranked among friends.

Strava -- The Strava app description explains that if users have their iPhone in their pocket, the watch will show them updates on their elevation gain, average speed, distance, and heart rate during bike rides or runs. When users reach a personal record, they will receive a trophy within the app as well.

Green Kitchen -- This app will help users cook healthy recipes. Users can follow a recipe from their iPhone and when a step needs to be timed, users can just tap the Apple Watch to start a timer. The watch will also send users notifications, for example "Your quinoa should have little tails by now". The iPhone app costs $4.99.

Mayo Clinic Synthesis -- "If you’re a busy doctor, Mayo Clinic Synthesis can help you manage your time," the app description explains. The app will display the doctor's daily schedule and alert them to whether a patient is in the lobby, an exam room, or done with an appointment. The app also displays patient information, for example age, sex, and weight when doctors meet with a patient.

Lifesum -- Lifesum is a nutrition tracking app. The Apple Watch version helps users track how much food and water they have had throughout the day. After users finish a meal, Lifesum will offer feedback on the meal and also provide suggestions for future meals, for example: how to pick the right foods and what portion sizes to eat.

Runtastic -- As long as users take their iPhone with them on a run, the Apple Watch app will show users their speed, distance, duration, pace, and how many calories they burned.

Other apps with Apple Watch support (some first spotted by WatchAware):

Hello Heart -- Hello Heart helps patients aggregate and make sense of their lab data after pulling it from the various medical records it’s stored in. The Apple Watch app will sync heart rate data to the user's health data.

LiveStrong.com Calorie Tracker -- This app, which is similar to LiveStrong's iPhone app, called MyPlate, will helps users track their calories and remind them to log meals and snacks. The app will also create charts that will show calorie intake and weight loss progress over time.

Biceps -- This app, designed for users who already do high-intensity interval training, helps users stick with the right intervals between sets and exercises. The watch version also creates a summary of the workout that will be available through Apple's Glances feature.

WaterMinder -- Users can keep track of how much water they drink throughout the day and also receive reminders to drink water if they haven't had enough with this app. The iPhone version of this app costs $0.99.

Run5K -- This app helps users train for a 5K run. The voice-guided training tells the user when to run, when to walk, and when to rest during training sessions. For the iPhone version, users can try the app for free for a period of time, but then have to make a $4.99 in-app purchase to use it.

Deadline -- Deadline uses data from Apple's HealthKit platform to predict how long the person will live. The app will also give the user suggestions for how to increase their lifespan, like quitting smoking or working out more. The iPhone version of Deadline costs $0.99.

Gymaholic -- Gymaholic helps users train at the gym. The app will guide users through a workout, telling them when to do sets and when to rest.

Medication Alarm -- This app reminds users to take their medication. Users input their medication schedules and when it's time to take the medication, the app will remind the user. From there, users can confirm that they took the medication.

Trails -- Trails records the user's outdoor activity. From the iPhone, the user can pick four out of 20 different metrics to view from their Apple Watch. Some of these include speed, altitude, and heart rate.

Tabb -- This offering, which was developed by the same group that created Deadline, helps users keep track of how many alcoholic drinks a user has each night. Based on how many drinks the user enters, the app will tell them whether or not it's safe to drive. While the iPhone app is free, the company said the Apple Watch app will be paid, but if the users download the iPhone version, they can upgrade their Apple Watch app for free.

Wake Alarm Clock -- This app tracks a user's sleep. When they set their alarm at night, on their Apple Watch, the app will tell the user how much sleep they are going to get. In the morning, the app will tell the user how well they slept, how long they slept, and how long they were actually asleep. Wake Alarm Clock is not to be confused with Wake Alarm Clockdeveloped by Tiny Hearts Limited.

Attivo -- Attivo has created a gamified activity tracker app. It will track the user's time, distance, pace and heart rate. The app will also show users a map of their current location and where they had been that day. Based on how much activity a user does in a day, they can gain points and level up in the app.

Aqua Pura -- Aqua Pura helps users track how much water they have had in a day. If they haven't had enough, the app will remind them to drink more. Users will also be able to see their water intake over time.


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