Conceivable raises $800K for fertility app and herbal formula delivery

By Aditi Pai
10:01 am

ConceivableAustin, Texas-based Conceivable has raised $800,000 from angel investors for its fertility app, which is designed to help women who are having trouble conceiving a child and staying pregnant.

“After working with thousands of couples diagnosed as infertile, we’ve developed a convenient and powerful program that will dramatically improve a woman’s chances of naturally conceiving and carrying a baby to full term – at a small fraction of traditional fertility treatment costs,” Conceivable Founder and CEO Kirsten Karchmer said in a statement. “There’s a common misconception that fertility is black and white – you are either fertile or infertile. We approach fertility in a fundamentally different way, viewing it as a full spectrum. Conceivable was designed to help women who are on the ‘infertile’ end of the spectrum move towards greater natural fertility.”

The eponymous app, available for iOS devices, offers a free assessment -- five questions -- that evaluates a woman’s fertility and menstrual health. After taking the assessment, women have the option to subscribe to the Conceivable program, which costs $199 per month, and is available through the app. At that point, users are asked another set of questions that help the company learn more about users' fertility experiences and menstrual health. 

This data is used to create the first month of the woman's personalized Conceivable program. The program includes a monthly shipment of three herbal "formulas" aimed at helping women get pregnant. Conceivable also offers users menu plans, stress management strategies, and lifestyle recommendations.

As the user tracks their daily health information in the app, the app will send the user adjustments so that they can remain "balanced and fertile throughout the menstrual cycle and pregnancy". Additionally, every month, the user's plan will be adjusted based on their progress.


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