Meditech taps Validic to bring patient generated data into its EHR

By Jonah Comstock
08:31 am

ValidicLess than a month after announcing its deal with Cerner, health data company Validic has announced another EHR vendor customer, Westwood, Massachusetts-based Meditech. The deal will bring mobile health device integration to more than 2,400 Meditech customer institutions.

“Today's healthcare environment is value-based and outcome-driven, which means healthcare providers need to evaluate every aspect of their patients' health, not just those factors that contributed to their latest doctor's appointment," Howard Messing, President and Chief Executive Officer of Meditech, said in statement. "Millions of people are now using many available mobile wellness applications, so we’re leveraging Validic’s digital health platform to capture that clinical and fitness data and seamlessly integrate it into the patient’s electronic health record. Providers will have a fuller, more complete understanding of their patients' health and habits, ultimately benefiting providers and patients alike."

Validic works with healthcare providers and others to help them integrate data streams from many different apps and devices into one secure, easy-to-interact with pipe. This includes consumer devices like those made by Fitbit and Jawbone, sports devices like those from Polar and Garmin, and, increasingly, medical devices — anything that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. In Meditech's case, the technology will be used to drive more efficient remote patient monitoring, home care, patient discharge management and wellness initiatives.

“Meditech has one of the largest hospital client bases in the world," Validic CEO Ryan Beckland said in a statement. "As healthcare continues to shift more towards accountable care, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to quickly and securely access patient data to deliver more meaningful population management, patient engagement, and disease state analytics."

Meditech's EHR is desktop-based, but it has several mobile offerings. The company's Mobile Rounding software allows doctors to view their list of patients, review recent clinical data, and record their encounters on a smartphone or tablet. The company also supports Citrix virtualization.

At HxRefactored this past week in Boston, Validic cofounder and CTO Drew Schiller talked about how value-based care is pushing hospitals to use more patient-generated data and, at the same time, patients are pushing their doctors accept the data.

“When patients go to a physician, a lot of time they’ll bring their app with their Fitbit information or their blood pressure or whatever it is on their phone," he said. "I’m really looking forward to the day when we can truly share that data with physicians in real time, but for now patients are demanding physicians look at this data just because they’re bringing it in with them.”


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