18 more Apple Watch health and medical apps set to launch

By Aditi Pai
11:16 am
WebMD Apple Watch app WebMD's Apple Watch app

The Apple Watch is set to launch in just a few days. And in the past few weeks, a number of health and wellness-focused companies have announced their soon-to-launch Apple Watch apps.

At the end of March, MobiHealthNews counted at least 19 new health and fitness apps that were announced for the Apple Watch. Since then, there's been at least another 18.

Here are 18 more apps that that will offer Apple Watch app versions at launch (or soon after):

Walgreens -- Walgreens' Apple Watch app, which was announced at the HIMSS conference in Chicago, will focus on medication adherence. At the conference, Alex Gourlay, president of Walgreens and EVP Walgreens Boots Alliance, said: "We are launching our new Apple Watch app in May. Our first iterations are designed to help patients manage their medication regimen. Patients will be alerted on the watch when it’s time to take their medication. The watch is a great way to improve med adherence, we believe, because tasks can be accomplished with a quick glance and the touch of a button." 

WebMD Medication Reminders -- WebMD's Apple Watch app helps users remember to take their medication. The app will interface with the flagship WebMD iPhone app, which will be updated to include support for Apple Watch and these new medication adherence features. Each reminder will show users a customizable picture of the medication as well as dosing and timing information.

Doximity -- Physicians can use Doximity's Apple Watch app to communicate with their colleagues. Users can send and receive messages and get notifications for faxes. If they need to send a more detailed message, for example one that requires medical images, they can continue the conversation on an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

HCSC -- Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), which offers insurance plans to residents of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas updated its Centered app so that it would also work with the Apple Watch. The app helps people make the connection between exercise and stress management. While the iPhone version offers a daily summary of calories burned, miles walked, and time spent being active every day as well as meditation sessions for users to complete every week, the Apple Watch version reminds users to log mood through push notifications. It also offers a "Glance" that displays current daily steps and mindful minute goals.

Medisafe -- Medisafe's Apple Watch app is an extension of its iPhone app. The app will allow users to respond to updates and prompts and mark medications as "taken". Medisafe has also created a "Glance," a feature to view app updates on the Apple Watch, which helps users view medication dosages and scheduled reminders.

Qardio -- Users will be able to use the Apple Watch version of the Qardio app to track their heart health. Using Apple Pay, users can also purchase QardioArm, the company's blood pressure monitor, from the app.

Clue -- The Apple Watch version of fertility tracking app Clue gives users an overview of their current cycle and shows updates on when the user's next period, fertile window, ovulation, and PMS are predicted to occur. The app also offers notifications for important cycle events, for example when the users next period will arrive and when users should take their birth control pill.

BACtrack -- Users can take a blood alcohol content test using a Bluetooth-enabled BACtrack Mobile or BACtrack Vio smartphone breathalyzer and the results are displayed on their BACtrack Apple Watch app. The app also offers a feature called ZeroLine which offers an estimate of when a user's BAC will return to 0.00 percent.

Spire -- Spire's Apple Watch app sends users a notification when the app senses that the user is tense or has been inactive for a while. The app then reminds the user to take a deep breath or move around. Spire also offers short breathing exercises designed to help users regain calmness, focus, and energy.

HealtheLife -- Cerner's new app for the Apple Watch aims to help patients track their health data. The watch will send users push notifications to remind patients to track their health data. The app also offers users a dashboard that shows users a history of data tracked. The first metrics that HealtheLife will integrate include weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar. With the patient’s consent, this data will be sent directly to Cerner's Millennium electronic health record.

Kaiser's Every Body Walk! -- Kaiser has updated its activity tracking app for the Apple Watch. Consumers will be able to use the Watch version of the app to set fitness goals, track activity, and view their activity data from their wrists.

athenahealth's athenatext -- athenahealth's Apple Watch app will help providers communicate with other members of a patient's care team and support staff. The app will use Epocrates' Provider Directory network so that providers search for and communicate with one another. Providers will be able to refer a patient across town, request a peer consult, or ask for a specialist's recommendation. According to the company, the app will be available beginning April 24th, and while the initial version of the app will provide read-only capabilities, athenahealth will add interactive capabilities in June.

drchrono -- drchrono has made patient-facing and provider-facing Apple Watch apps to complement its iPhone and tablet versions. Physicians can use drchrono's app to view a snapshot of their schedule, see and respond to drchrono chats from colleagues, view and respond to messages from patients, and view patient refill requests as well as lab results. The patient-facing app can help patients send messages directly to their physician, view upcoming appointments, access a list of their medications, and receive medication reminders.

Vocera -- Vocera's Apple Watch app allows providers to view and responding to calls, alerts, and messages from other care team members. Users can also view critical lab values and STAT orders in an electronic health record. The app also allows users to initiate panic calls in "man-down" emergency situations.

cFHR -- CareEvolution has announced that both Anthem and Trinity Health will offer their members and patients cFHR, an iPhone and Apple Watch app that stands for "collaborative Family Health Record". Trinity Health patients and Anthem's health plan members will be able to use the app to connect with providers, receive alerts, review medical information, and manage their health.

HealthTap's DocNow -- HealthTap's DocNow app for the Apple Watch allows users to call a doctor from their Apple Watch and take the call from their iPhone. The call will cost $2.99 per minute. Doctors can provide health advice, offer users a treatment plan, and prescribe medications that users can pick up at a local pharmacy.

One Drop -- One Drop, maker of a Bluetooth-enabled glucometer, aims to launch its products and apps later this month. From the company's Apple Watch app, users can log meals, medication and activity. Users can also share their stories on the app and compare them to other people with diabetes to discover patterns in their health and behaviors.

InstaMed -- InstaMed, which has developed a payments system for providers, payors, and patients, is offering Apple Pay to its customers. Now, anyone that uses InstaMed's services will be able to make and receive payments through Apple Pay. The company will provide access to Apple Pay through iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch apps.


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