Survey: 33 percent of wearable tech users said fitness bands will impact enterprise

By Aditi Pai
10:20 am

SalesforceSome 33 percent of wearable tech users said fitness bands would have a large impact on enterprise and 21 percent anticipate a quick adoption rate, according to an online Salesforce survey of 500 wearable tech adopters and full-time business professionals.

The respondents said they were currently using, piloting, or planning to implement wearable technology in the enterprise in some form.

Additionally, 49 percent of adopters said they expected smartwatches to have a large impact on the enterprise, while 40 percent said they expected these devices to have a quick adoption rate.

The top five devices that adopters wanted to use for enterprise were Apple Watch, with interest from 56 percent, Google Glass, with interest from 55 percent, Samsung Galaxy Gear, with interest from 49 percent, Android Wear, with interest from 48 percent, and Fitbit, with interest from 48 percent.

In February, another survey from Salesforce of 1,700 American adults showed that most are satisfied with the care they receive from their physicians, despite fairly limited adoption of online tools to communicate with their doctors. Less than 10 percent of those surveyed said they use the web, email or text to set up appointments, compared to 76 percent that still do so over the phone and 25 percent that schedule their appointments in person.

The survey also found that when it came to looking at their own health data, only 21 percent said they use the web (likely via a patient portal). Eleven percent use the phone, 10 percent use email, and 40 percent said they review their health data in person.


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