BurstIQ raises $250K for health data aggregation, security platform

By Aditi Pai
10:27 am

Money TreeColorado startup BurstIQ has raised $250,000 from Colorado Springs-based PV Ventures for its cloud-based data aggregation platform for providers and patients.

“The combination of sensors, mobile, and platform will make healthcare personal again, and it will also generate a lot of sensitive data,” BurstIQ CEO Frank Ricotta said in a statement. “We believe data should be secure and private; that is our first priority. We also believe that the need for a highly secure platform shouldn’t limit the benefits and use of data. Data needs to be sharable, accessible, and usable. Insights derived from the data will drive individual empowerment, personalized care relationships, better outcomes, and reduced costs.”

BurstIQ's platform syncs data from mobile devices and sensors, integrates all of the information it collects into a common analytics model stored in the cloud, and them aims to make sense of the data. As the program learns more about a user, it will adjust its insights to adapt to the user's behavior patterns and characteristics.

“This is a game-changer for digital health data access and we believe that the innovative security features that are at the core of the product can extend beyond digital health, providing a foundational capability to protect an individual’s privacy,” PV Ventures Managing Director Bill Miller said in a statement.

The company recently spun out of 10.10.10, an accelerator powered by The Colorado Health Foundation. It lists IBM, MongoDB, Prime Health, Cloudera, and OpenStack as its partners.

Earlier this year, another company focused on data aggregation for providers, called Human API, raised $6.6 million. The company offers providers an infrastructure they can use to create a health platform that enables a group of patients to share data with their caregivers. HumanAPI allows providers to create a platform (either online or via mobile devices) that syncs different health apps and devices through a single authentication point. Human API also takes care of backend data management so its customers can aggregate data from a single API.


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