EyeNetra launches in-person, optometry house visits in NYC

By Aditi Pai
10:36 am

Blink EyeNetraSomerville, Massachusetts-based eye diagnostic tool maker EyeNetra has launched a new service called Blink, which brings eye tests to the patient, in New York City. Blink emphasizes that the appointments are only for users who need to be tested for glasses, not eye health.

Blink is using EyeNetra technology, which includes a smartphone peripheral they developed, called Netra-G, that measures nearsightedness, farsightedness, age related blurriness, pupillary distance, and astigmatism.

Users can schedule an optometry appointment 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Then, a "visioneer" will visit the patient at their home or work to oversee the test. The tools include software running on a smartphone, which Blink explains is the "eyes and brains" of the test and the Netra, which measures the optical power of the user's eyes. Blink said it takes 20 minutes to complete the test, which will measure the user's visual acuity, refractive error, and pupillary distance (PD). 

Within 24 hours, an optometrist will remotely view the user's profile and results. They will either send over a digital prescription for glasses or, if the user has a complication, the optometrist will refer them to a local optometrist for an in-office eye exam.

The visioneer will also come with two other tools. One of these, "The Netrometer" measures the user's existing glasses prescription. And Blink will use the final tool, "The Netropter", to understand how the users' prescription feels to them. These devices are also both smartphone-enabled.

The test costs $75 for one person, $130 for two people, or $170 for three people.

Notably, every time someone pays for a vision test with Blink, the company will deliver free vision tests and glasses to someone else in the user's community who is in need.

EyeNetra has raised at least $7 million to date. The company raised their first round in 2012 and their most recent round in July 2014. Previously disclosed EyeNetra investors include Khosla Ventures and Khosla Impact, which invests in companies that are developing products for populations in India, Africa, and Latin America.


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