Cox Enterprises invests in digital diabetes management startup Rimidi

By Aditi Pai
05:54 am

diabetes+meAtlanta, Georgia-based Cox Enterprises has invested in local company Rimidi, which has developed diabetes management and population health software.

Rimidi said it would use the funds to expand into other markets.

"We are thrilled to receive this investment from Cox Enterprises, a company that embraces innovation and collaboration and is helping shape the future of healthcare," Rimidi CEO Lucienne Ide said in a statement. "The funding will allow us to accelerate the expansion of our solution that helps physicians and patients better manage chronic diseases."

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Rimidi's app, called Diabetes + Me, can be paired with connected glucometers, like those from Telcare and iHealth. In addition to tracking their glucose readings, users can track other health metrics in the app, including diet, exercise, and stress. They can also access educational material about diabetes. 

Once the data is in the system, doctors can use it to model different treatment options and interventions, for example predicting the effect of a new medication, and can share all of those insights with the patient. Doctors can decide whether a medication change is necessary, or whether a behavioral intervention like a change in diet or exercise is more appropriate.

In November 2014, Rimidi announced that it was piloting its diabetes management and population health software Diabetes+Me in a 129-patient randomized control trial (RCT) with Heritage California ACO. The platform was vetted for both its ability to lower A1C levels and for softer metrics like patient engagement and the patients’ education level about their diabetes.

This is not the first investment Cox Enterprises has made in a digital health company. In February, the company partnered with Cleveland Clinic to form Vivre Health, which will develop telehealth and home health offerings. Around the same time, Cox also also announced an investment in HealthSpot.

A HealthSpot spokesperson told MobiHealthNews in an email at the time that the investment is related to the joint venture because HealthSpot shares Cox’s and Cleveland Clinic’s vision to bring healthcare to the home in the future. “Cox believes that HealthSpot’s technology will help provide a path to the home,” she wrote.

MobiHealthNews speculated that it was possible the joint venture HealthSpot and Cleveland Clinic signed a letter of intent for last May is the same as Vivre Health.

"Cox Enterprises is excited to work with Rimidi," Cox Enterprises Executive Vice President Alex Taylor said in a statement. "We like supporting local entrepreneurs like Lucie, and we are excited to see her transforming our healthcare system for the better. Data and analytics will help our communities be healthier and happier -- some of the same reasoning that led us to invest in HealthSpot and set up Vivre, a joint venture with Cleveland Clinic."


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