NJ hospital group Meridian Health launches new digital health company

By Jonah Comstock
10:12 am

iMPak RhythmTrakMeridian Health subsidiary iMPak Health has teamed up with biomedical and healthcare technology group NetScientific to create a new digital health sales and marketing company called Triventis Health.

Triventis will market combined offerings from iMPak and Wanda Health, a subsidiary of NetScientific, relying on Wanda Health's offerings for data analytics andiIMPak's easy-to-use devices for remote monitoring. The product offerings will be rolled out first at Meridian Health hospitals, and then marketed to different hospitals around the country.

The first product will be for congested heart failure, likely based on iMPak's RhythmTrak device as well as Wanda Health's analytics software. Triventis will also distribute Wanda technology for patients with co-morbidities and iMPak's medication adherence product, called Kraken.

“Triventis Health is dedicated to significantly enhancing how medical care is delivered," Sal Inciardi, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Meridian Heath said in a statement. "By integrating two key capabilities -- healthcare solutions, and health information compilation and analytics -- the company’s products and services help healthcare practitioners make timely, more effective treatment decisions and improve outcomes for individuals living with a range of chronic diseases. We believe that we are uniquely positioned to enable customers to reduce the cost of healthcare associated with managing chronic disease, addressing what may be the greatest burden faced by most health systems around the world today.”

IMPak was formed in 2010 as a joint venture between New Jersey health system Meridian Health and Swedish NFC technology company Cypak. Cypak, which made smart blister packs, appears to have quietly gone out of business some time before 2013; its website now redirects to Canadian health technology company Information Mediary Corporation and iMPak is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meridian.

Over the years, iMPak has released tracking devices that use an NFC-enabled device and a plastic card to track a variety of medical parameters. Its first product was Health Journal for Pain, which tracked pain symptoms, followed by SleepTrak and RhythmTrak. IMPak's portfolio now also includes weight management, activity tracking, stress management, and glucose screening, as well as the company's medication management system.

The company also made a foray in 2013 into gamification with Emmett's Family Vacation, an ebook that came with a pedometer, aimed to teach young children about the importance of staying active. The project bombed on Kickstarter, raising only $150, and a promised sequel, aimed at sleep health, has yet to emerge.


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