MyFitnessPal launches paid version of app for advanced food tracking

By Aditi Pai
05:23 am

MyFitnessPal PremiumMyFitnessPal has updated its health and fitness tracking app and launched a paid version, called MyFitnessPal Premium. This is the first major product change since the company was acquired by Maryland-based athletics apparel company Under Armour in February for $475 million.

MyFitnessPal's new premium offering costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 for the entire year. Users who choose to upgrade will receive an ad-free experience and are given priority when they need to contact MyFitnessPal's customer service team. Users will also receive exclusive access to the app's dietitian-approved recipes, meal plans, and nutrition tips as well as the ability to customize their dashboard.

For example, if a user wants to increase their protein intake or watch their cholesterol, they can customize their dashboard to help them understand how close they are to achieving these goals instead of just displaying the user's calorie intake.

The dashboard will show up to four profiles and graphs, like the user's macronutrients, which are carbs, fat, protein and calories; a heart healthy view, which is their fat, sodium, cholesterol, and calories; a carb-conscious display, which shows their carbs, sugars, fiber, and calories; or a custom summary that can be put together by choosing any three nutrients.

Users can further customize their app by setting their micronutrient goals by gram, not percentage; by using the quick add function for micronutrients instead of just for calories; or by setting different nutrient goals for each day of the week.

As part of a regular app update, MyFitnessPal has "verified" hundreds of thousands of foods in its database for calorie and nutrition content so that all users will now experience less guesswork when logging food. The app also has an improved graphing function so users can view their calorie and nutrient intake by day, week, or meal.

Last year, shortly after MyFitnessPal acquired health coaching startup Sessions, the company's product lead and Sessions co-founder Nick Crocker said coaching would be a big part of MyFitnessPal’s future revenue strategy. At the time, he explained that "the best products, the ones that ultimately work like an antibiotic, will combine multiple elements: hardware like scales and trackers, active and passive collection of data, the support of both a circle or group and a coach, an educational program, and a very clear, descriptive path to success".


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