Omron unveils smartphone-connected blood pressure monitor, weight scale

By Aditi Pai

OmronJapanese medical device company Omron Healthcare has unveiled two new smartphone-connected devices, a blood pressure monitor and a weight scale.

These offerings are designed to be used as part of a telemedicine program -- the products are listed on Omron's new Global Telehealth Portal website, which launched this month.

"These easy to use devices allow chronically ill patients the freedom to monitor their health in the comfort of their homes instead of traveling to a hospital, which can prove to be a challenge," Omron Executive Director of Medical Affairs Jim Li said in a statement. "Omron's new products were designed to keep patients connected with their healthcare providers." 

Omron's new blood pressure monitor, called HEM-9200T, measures pressure and pulse, and can alert the user to body movement, irregular heart beat, and low battery level. The scale, called HN-290T, uses bioelectrical impedance for body composition too.

Omron already offers wireless blood pressure monitors and scales that connect to a companion app, called Omron Wellness, via Bluetooth. The two new devices will also be integrated to Qualcomm Life's medical-grade 2net Connectivity Platform, 2net Hub and 2net Mobile.

The company added that in June it will release an SDK so developers can sync the blood pressure monitor and scale with their own telehealth program or platform of choice.

A few months ago, Omron launched its first smartphone-connected activity tracker, along with a new app that tracks fitness data and shares it with Apple Health. The Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker, a Bluetooth-enabled clip-on activity tracker, records steps, distance, and calories burned. The device is less than an inch across and smaller than any of Omron’s previous pedometers and non-connected activity trackers.