Brigham and Women's Hospital to help validate Rock Health portfolio companies' offerings

By Aditi Pai
08:56 am

1DocWayBrigham and Women's Hospital has partnered with seed fund Rock Health to test and possibly integrate technologies from companies in Rock Health's portfolio, according to a Boston Business Journal post.

The two organizations will launch the partnership this sumer and it is expected to last three years.

Brigham and Women’s Executive Director of Brigham Innovation Hub Lesley Solomon told Boston Business Journal that the hospital aims to validate the technologies and services offered by some Rock Health companies. She added that her team was hoping that Rock Health would consider investing in startups incubated internally at Brigham as well, although that's not a focus of the partnership. 

Some of the types of technologies that Solomon said they are interested in testing include health devices that connect to the cloud, apps and software platforms, and telemedicine services.

“We will have the opportunity to collaborate with thought leaders in the digital space developing tech that [has] the potential to dramatically transform health care delivery,” Solomon told Boston Business Journal. “[We’re trying to figure out] how can we get access to good digital technology that can help us impact patient care.”

A few weeks ago, Rock Health announced that they had invested in three new companies: telepsychiatry service 1DocWay, provider analytics company Arsenal Health, and wearable technology maker Caeden.

Just last month, the provider announced that it would pilot iGetBetter’s apps to reduce hospital readmissions through remote patient monitoring and post-discharge patient engagement. The pilot targets patients that have heart disease, specifically those with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). With iGetBetter’s system, patients can review their personalized care plans on a patient-facing HTML5 web app. The app allows patients to view announcements and reminders, log their progress, manage their contact information, and communicate with care team members.


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