Apple sheds light on Illumina's genome app

By Brian Dolan


"The iPhone can be an integral part in advancing the fundamental science -- the very complexities of biology and understanding of the human genome can be made accessible through tools like the iPhone," Consumer genomics company Illumina's CEO and President, Jay Flatley told Apple in a recent interview. "I think it is the convergence of the science and IT technology that today creates a unique possibility to manage our human health in new ways," Flatley said. "It's an incredibly exciting time."

Earlier this year at the inaugural Consumer Genetics Show in Boston, Mobihealthnews reported on and included the first photos of Illumina's concept for an iPhone application, called myGenome, that included information from a person's genome. Following that sneak peek, Apple published a brief case study that includes a high level over view of Illumina's use of iPhones among its sales reps and executives. The article also discusses Illumina's plans for myGenome. Apple also produced a video with a number of images of the concept iPhone application Illumina is developing. (Our original photos from the event earlier this year can be re-visited here.)

Illumina Concept iPhone app myGenome


"Illumina is developing an iPhone application that will allow consumers to carry around their genomic information," Flatley explained to Apple. "Part of it may be on the phone itself, part of it may be in the cloud that the phone would have access to. It would allow the customer to bring up the application and interact with it live in conjunction with their doctor."

Illumina told Apple that the completed app aims to "present complex genomic datasets in an easy-to-understand, consumer-oriented interface."

"The understanding of the human genome, which is very inaccessible to most people, can start to become accessible through iPhone," Flatley said. "It will be a mechanism for communications, for sharing, and for data management. iPhone can translate something very complicated into something very user-friendly."

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