SoloHealth, now Pursuant Health, raises $2.4M, partners with Cleveland Clinic

By Jonah Comstock
10:34 am

SoloHealthHealth kiosk company SoloHealth has changed its name to Pursuant Health and raised $2.4 million in equity and securities, according to an SEC filing. Per the company's website, the name change reflects a new partnership with Cleveland Clinic Wellness, which the company embarked on at the end of March. This will add a workplace wellness business to the company's existing public kiosk business.

"We have changed our brand and partnered with Cleveland Clinic Wellness as part of our process of becoming a new kind of health and wellness company," the company wrote. "Over the course of 2015, we will announce a new suite of innovative, convenient, and clinically-valid products that make it easier for individuals to understand their health status and self-manage chronic conditions. While our name may change, our focus remains on the millions of individuals who use our services each month."

The new funding brings the company's total funding to at least $28.2 million. As SoloHealth, the company raised $4.3 million last December. Previous investors include WellPoint, Novartis, Dell, Coinstar, and Walter Huff, founder and former chairman of a medical information systems firm acquired by McKesson.

“We are excited to partner with Cleveland Clinic Wellness to bring our collective health and wellness programs to market, with new offerings for employers and health systems, in addition to our traditional focus on consumers," Larry Gerdes, CEO of Pursuant Health (formerly SoloHealth), said in a statement in March. "Cleveland Clinic Wellness offers industry-leading coaching and behavioral change expertise that, coupled with the national SoloHealth engagement network, creates a unique health and wellness offering that is already used by over 3 million people per month. Many health and wellness programs struggle with low engagement rates and a lack of clinical validity. Our engagement platform, in partnership with Cleveland Clinic Wellness, provides a highly-effective solution.”

SoloHealth’s FDA-cleared kiosks offers health screenings for blood pressure, vision, weight, and BMI. Users can also use the kiosk to take health risk assessments or use a symptom checker. After users are finished with their screenings, they receive a customized report with health scores and data. The data is stored on SoloHealth’s platform so when users visit in the future, they can track their progression. Health data gathered during visits can also be accessed through an online SoloHealth member account. The kiosks are located in select Walmart, Sam’s Club, Safeway, and Schnuck Markets locations.

According to Pursuant Health, it has 3,600 retail locations and that its kiosks have seen more than 73 million health screenings. Last year, the company said that nationwide its kiosks were seeing 130,000 users per day and the average time users spent at the kiosk was 4.5 minutes. Pursuant health has kiosks within 10 miles of 79 percent of the US population.

The slight pivot for Pursuant Health comes with an uptick in competition for the health kiosk business. Last year, competitors higi and StayHealthy merged, creating a 6,000-kiosk business with contracts for 4,000 more. Another competitor, HealthSpot, has been raising money lately, including an undisclosed investment from Xerox last fall.


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