Jiff raises $23M from Rosemark, GE Ventures for employee wellness platform

By Aditi Pai
05:59 am

Jiff NavigatorEmployee wellness curation platform Jiff raised $23.3 million in a round led by Rosemark Capital with participation from GE Ventures. Jiff has raised at least $49.1 million to date.

Existing Jiff investors include Aberdare Ventures and Aeris Capital. The company raised its most recent round in September 2014.

As part of the announcement, Jiff also released a new employee wellness tool, called Jiff Navigator, which is a dashboard that employers can use to personalize programs and incentives for each of their employees on the their platform.

"Healthcare costs are rising every year and employers, who spend a third of the country’s $3.2 trillion healthcare dollars, continue to seek innovative ways to keep their workers healthy while bringing down costs," Jiff CEO Derek Newell said in a statement. "While there are plenty of health-focused apps, devices, and programs on the market, employers need tools to manage these benefits in a way that actually makes an impact. Jiff was designed to do just that.” 

Jiff originally launched with a provider-to-patient education platform, called JiffPad, but the company pivoted in June 2013 and now offers products that help employers create and customize mobile employee wellness offerings.

One product Jiff offers, called Jiff Incentives, helps employers create incentive designs and reward options for employees. Another program, called Jiff Challenges, helps employers put together social, gamified, and deadline-driven competitions to challenge their employees and help them sustain healthy habits.

Jiff's newest offering, Jiff Navigator, allows employers to personalize their employee wellness program for each employee using a health assessment, claims data, or biometric data. Navigator then identifies which services and integrations would be most helpful for each user based on the results. Employers can pick and choose features and services from 48 integration partners including Quest Diagnostics, Ovuline, Zipongo, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Teladoc, and Doctor on Demand.

Navigator also offers employees an integrated events calendar, social networking, and a benefits card.

Rosemark Capital's founder, Chris Kuenne, previously founded marketing firm Rosetta, which he sold to advertising company Publicis for $575 million a few years ago. Prior to that Kuenne was in marketing at Johnson & Johnson focused on its Band Aid and Tylenol brands. Rosemark Capital invests in three industries: health tech, fintech, and marketing tech. According to Forbes, Kuenne considered 1,500 health tech startups before investing in Jiff.


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