IMS Health to offer app prescribing to Quantia's online physician network

By Aditi Pai
09:40 am

IMS Health AppScriptDanbury, Connecticut-based IMS Health, a multinational big data and analytics company, has partnered with Quantia, developer of a web and mobile community for physicians. Through this partnership, Quantia will provide the 225,000 members on its network with access to IMS’ app curation platform, AppScript.

“QuantiaMD is designed to help physicians make better clinical decisions for their patients,” Quantia Executive Vice President Dan Malloy said in a statement. “We are thrilled to be partnering with AppScript, which will offer our active physician community easy access to a suite of over 65,000 healthcare-specific apps, backed by an organization they can trust. We believe members of our physician community – over half of which visit QuantiaMD from a mobile device – will understand and appreciate the value AppScript will bring to their practice, and to the health of the patients they serve.” 

Some 34 percent of US physicians are registered on the Quantia’s online network, called QuantiaMD, and the average time they spend on the the site is 20 minutes. Physicians can use QuantiaMD to ask other physicians questions, test their knowledge by competing with peers on interactive cases, and earn points for using the network, which are redeemable for Amazon gift cards.

IMS’ AppScript was first announced in December 2013. The service helps providers search for and prescribe health apps, connected devices, and educational content to patients and caregivers.

“As the largest social learning and collaboration platform for physicians, QuantiaMD is a perfect match for AppScript,” IMS Health’s general manager of consumer solutions, Matt Tindall, said in a statement. “Changing physician practice behaviors requires collaboration, education, technology standards and quality measures, and that’s what IMS Health and QuantiaMD are bringing to healthcare professionals under this collaboration. With AppScript, QuantiaMD members can deliver a digital prescription to their patient’s pocket or wrist in 20 seconds or less. We are simplifying an otherwise complex mobile health market for physicians and patients.”

In 2013, Quantia raised $10 million from Safeguard Scientifics and Fuse Capital.


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