Shorts: DataDyne; mHealth in China; AHRQ

By Brian Dolan
04:44 am

DataDyne wins WSJ Tech Innovation Award: One of the United Nations Foundation and Vodafone Foundation's key mHealth partners, DataDyne, won the Wall Street Journal's Technology Innovation Awards for the Healthcare IT category: "In developing countries, gathering and analyzing time-sensitive health-care information can be a challenge. Rural health clinics typically compile data only in paper records, making it difficult to spot and to respond quickly to emerging trends. With EpiSurveyor, developed with support from the United Nations Foundation and the Vodafone Foundation, health officials can create health-survey forms that can be downloaded to commonly used mobile phones. Health workers carrying the phones can then collect information—about immunization rates, vaccine supplies or possible disease outbreaks—when they visit local clinics. The information can then be quickly analyzed to determine, say, whether medical supplies need to be restocked or to track the spread of a disease." More

Mobile healthcare in China: IVT Corporation unveiled a mobile health service in China, according to local reports. The company said that the remote monitoring system includes a S120 mobile phone, a wireless blood pressure meter, a wireless ECG monitor, a wireless oximeter, and a wireless PSTN access point that helps users measure their blood pressure, cardiogram and blood oxygenation. More

Government: Consumers don't understand health IT: “Consumers lack sufficient knowledge about how health IT tools will affect their quality of care," according to a report published last week by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Government Health IT reports. More

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