BaseHealth raises $3.6M for genetic, lifestyle data-driven personal health plan offering

By Aditi Pai
09:55 am

BaseHealthHealth data platform company BaseHealth raised $3.6 million, according to an SEC filing. BaseHealth has raised at least $9.1 million to date.

The company has developed a health assessment service, called Genophen, that payors and providers can offer to members and patients. The service can be added as a feature to a customer's existing health and wellness program.

BaseHealth's service collects genetic data, clinical data, and lifestyle data, which they get from devices like Fitbit and Jawbone, as well as family data. It uses this information to calculate the user's risk of developing certain diseases and to explain which are the top factors contributing to the user's risk of disease. BaseHealth has data on more than 40 common complex diseases.

BaseHealth offers another feature that helps users understand how they can modify their risk factors to lower overall risk. This feature shows users how much risk they can decrease over the course of their life if they make specific changes.

Today, BaseHealth also announced that they launched an API for developers. BaseHealth is offering five different services for developers to integrate through this API.

Assessments and content available through the API include an anonymous assessment -- users will input genetic, diet, lifestyle, and environmental information and BaseHealth will produce the user's risk profile for a requested disease -- and curated content that BaseHealth will offer f0r a specific disease, for example associated genes and variants, risk factors ordered based on their impact on the disease, actions that could reduce the disease risk, and statistics about the disease and its prevalence.


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