Startup Health adds 12 more companies to its portfolio

By Aditi Pai
10:15 am

Money TreeNew York City-based accelerator Startup Health has added 12 more companies to its program. It now has 102 startups in its portfolio.

Startups that have participated in the accelerator have raised a total of $200 million so far. That’s up from $190 million in January 2015. Startup Health said that 44 percent of its companies were founded by physicians or other practitioners, and 33 percent were founded by women. The portfolio also consists of 17 percent international companies.

Here are the 12 startups that Startup Health added to its portfolio:

Deerfield Beach, Florida-based BioClaim connects providers’ front desks to the payor in near-real time and is integrated into EMRs to protect patients and hospitals from medical identity theft.

Walnut Creek, California-based BreathResearch is developing a headset that will test and track cardiorespiratory fitness without the need for large and expensive cardiopulminary equipment.

Los Alamos, New Mexico-based Dotri developed a platform that uses mobile sensors to record electromyography (EMG) biofeedback and track the details and results of remote physical therapy sessions. 

Istanbul, Turkey-based HealthTour developed an international hub for medical tourism for patients who need better access to care abroad.

Malmo, Sweden-based Jojnts created an interactive six-week program to help patients treat their osteoarthritis. The program includes health monitoring and one-on-one coaching from a physiotherapist.

Bedminster, New Jersey-based MedXCom has developed a night call communications service that works as a hybrid voice and text alternative to a traditional live operator night call.

Los Angeles-based Pregistry is developing a product that assesses the safety of prescription medications and vaccines used during pregnancy and lactation.

New York City-based PsyInnovations has developed wayForward, a service that offers algorithm-based therapy and access to a live therapist for less than the cost of traditional mental health treatment.

Miami, Florida-based Room2Care offers an online marketplace that enables intergenerational living for aging patients. Room2Care said its service is less than half the cost of traditional facilities and allows for greater independence of users.

Starkville, Mississippi-based Skindroid is using biosensors to detect and measure biomolecules from users’ skin for advanced warning of electrolyte depletion or muscle breakdown.

New York City-based Stethos has developed a smart stethoscope which will send data to EMRs.

San Antonio, Texas-based Virtual Viewbox aims to help collaborate and communicate with each other about medical records and treatment plans.


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