The Real Top Medical iPhone Apps (Money-making edition)

By Brian Dolan

Netter's Anatomy iPhone appApple recently updated its iTunes App Store to include a list of the top 200 highest grossing applications in the entire store. While the App Store does not include a list for the biggest revenue generating apps by category, eight medical, health or fitness iPhone applications are among the top 200 highest grossing apps overall.

The only way to rank apps in the past was by popularity, which seems to rank by number of downloads within a certain period of time. Since some apps costs much more than others, the strategies that go along with service pricing do not factor into an application's success, if you go by that metric. Ranking apps by the revenue generation, however, does.

You will note that the eight apps listed below range in price from $1.99 to $299.99. Cheaper apps need to appeal to a mass audience to make it into the top grossing apps rankings, however, extremely expensive apps can also make the cut if their content is worth their pricetag. Take a look through this list to determine where your wireless health service's price tag should fall -- or flip through them just to see which health, medical and fitness application developers are raking it in.

22. iFitness $1.99

iFitness iPhone App

Coming in at number 22 out of 200 on the highest grossing iPhone application list is iFitness, which is consistently ranked as one of the most popular iPhone Health & Fitness apps, too. No wonder: It's download pricetag is only $1.99 so it must have sold a lot of apps to make it this high up on the list. The app currently generates more revenue than any other health, fitness or medical app in the AppStore.

From the company: iFitness is our solution for expensive personal trainers at your local gym. Performing an exercise incorrectly is harmful to your body, and repeating the same few exercises you know will never push you forward — that is why iFitness is so handy.

iFitness offers:

+ over 110 fully illustrated exercises with accompanying text
+ favorites option to create your own custom routine
+ preset routines that our experts have made for reaching different goals
+ exercises organized by the muscles they target