Topol: Wireless medicine spans diseases, ages, world

By Brian Dolan

Dr. Eric TopolDr. Eric J. Topol, chief academic officer of Scripps Health, director of Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI), and chief medical officer of the West Wireless Health Institute, penned a column about wireless healthcare over at VentureBeat this past weekend:

"This morphing of medicine centers on an unprecedented surge of technological and medical innovation. We have the tools to take full advantage of the genomics gold rush and to harness the power of the hundreds of ingenious wireless sensors in development. These non-invasive, wearable sensors, in the form of disposable bandages and pills, transform the human body into an information gateway. Vital signs and wellness information can be sent real-time to the people that need it most, whether it goes to a medical center, physician or back to the individual or their caregiver."

Remote Monitoring ChartTopol explains that wireless medicine "is not focused on a single disease or condition" and that "it reaches through the entire continuum of care, across the ages, from preemies to seniors, the full spectrum of diseases and health, and across the world."

Certainly worth the read, check out the full article here