Webinar today: Digital health 2015 Midyear Review

By Brian Dolan
08:40 am

Brian Dolan - MobiHealthNews Editor-in-ChiefThe first six months of 2015 have brought with them a pair of high-profile, digital health IPO announcements, a half dozen or more important policy moves, at least one new promising reimbursement code, and plenty of new health initiatives from the world's largest technology companies. There hasn't been a newsier six months in digital health's short history.

That's why there's no better way to spend the hour between 2PM ET and 3PM ET today, Thursday June 25th, than by tuning in to MobiHealthNews' 2015 Digital Health Midyear Review webinar. Validic's CEO and Co-founder Ryan Beckland will join me for a presentation and discussion focused on the first half of this already storied year.

If you haven’t had time to keep up — or could benefit from a recap — this webinar is for you. As always, bring your questions for the Q&A we'll host at the top of the hour.

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Tune in to this afternoon's digital health half-time report -- register right here (it’s free)!