Wildflower Health's new $5M will help it expand beyond pregnancy apps

By Aditi Pai
08:03 am

Due Date PlusSan Francisco-based Wildflower Health has raised $5 million in a round led by Easton Capital and Hatteras Venture Partners with participation from existing investors Cambia Health Solutions and HealthTech Capital. The company has raised at least $6.7 million to date.

Wildflower Health offers an app, called Due Date Plus, which helps pregnant women track their symptoms, monitor key milestones, read health tips, and view their benefits. One of Wildflower’s key customer groups are payers, who offer the app to their members. Many features included in the Wildflower app, like the click-to-call a nurse or “view benefits” features, are already available to the payers' members, but Due Date Plus helps to highlight them.

The recent funds will help Wildflower launch new programs that help families manage their healthcare. The company also plans to launch a Spanish version of Due Date Plus in the next few months.

"We believe that you've accompanied this member, this user, through maternity, and then the natural extension of that is 'I'm taking care of my newborn and other children, I'm taking care of members of family'," Wildflower Health CEO Leah Sparks told MobiHealthNews. "We're going to be adding new programs and services to support the chief decision maker of the family, who's usually a mom, as she goes about supporting her overall family health." 

Sparks said the company has also started adding more advanced services to its apps for existing and newer clients.

"I think as the company evolves, we just get more and more connected with the technology, both on the client side and our side," she said. "All of our clients have things like click to call the nurse hotline and links into their benefit resources. But increasingly we're doing things like APIs with clients so that we can have them just look up right in the application doctors near them that take their insurance. Or we have clients in the works where we essentially go even more deep and help people look up their deductible."

Earlier this month, Wildflower Health announced a partnership with Everyday Health, which offers the popular What to Expect digital franchise. Through this partnership, What to Expect, which is available as an app or on the web, will inform its users, based on their profile, if their health plan offers the Wildflower Health app.

"It's such a powerful value proposition, to harness this reach of pregnant women they have," Sparks said. "I mean they're the number one pregnancy app, they get 75 to 80 percent of US pregnancies just organically."

Wildflower currently has seven institutional clients, mostly Medicaid and commercial health plans, that include LifeMap, Wyoming Medicaid, and Aetna.


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