Salesforce CEO invests in eye disorder diagnostic app-maker Gobiquity

By Aditi Pai

GoCheck KidsGobiquity Mobile Health (formerly iCheck Health Connection) has received a strategic investment from Founder and CEO Marc Benioff as well as InterWest Partners.

The company previously raised about $776,000 from InterWest Partners.

Gobiquity has also promoted their Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Burns to CEO and relocated from Aliso Viejo, California to Scottsdale, Arizona, which is known as “Cure Corridor.” Burns, an alum of Epocrates, took the helm of Gobiquity at the beginning of 2015 after the departure of Michael Brownell in December. Brownell had served as CEO since 2012.

Gobiquity launched their first product, a smartphone app, called GoCheck Kids, at the end of last year. The app uses photoscreening features to test users for the risk factors for amblyopia, a functional disorder of the eye that typically comes from squinting and can lead to severe visual impairment. 

The company said that traditional vision testing that pediatricians perform with visual acuity charts requires a verbal response, which makes it impractical for younger patients. This means many children with risk factors are not identified early enough for treatment. Gobiquity explains that GoCheck Kids helps pediatricians conduct photoscreenings and diagnose risk factors sooner.

“We’ve experienced exciting change and strong momentum in a short period of time," Burns said in statement. "...Since the launch of GoCheck Kids, we’ve led the way in mobile vision diagnostics, specifically developed to support prevention, early detection, and monitoring for health constituents, primarily pediatricians. As we expand, our mobile suite of products and services will deliver great benefit that not only improve the lives of children, but also address the 85 percent of preventable or treatable cases for all of the 285 million people that have vision impairment."