Shorts: Continua praises Senate; FCC to harm telemedicine?

By Brian Dolan
05:16 am

FCC's Open Internet threatens telemedicine? A PBS Nightly Business Report yesterday noted that the new FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski's plans for an open Internet could end up stunting growth in telemedicine or wireless health services. AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are worried that proposed FCC requirements to treat all web traffic equally will prevent them from effectively managing their networks: "For example, they might not be able to give priority to tele- medicine or smart-grid applications," PBS reports. "Verizon's David Young says new rules could stunt growth." More

CellTrust launches dedicated healthcare division: CellTrust, a provider of SecureSMS for mobile phones, launched a dedicated healthcare division today called: Secure Mobile Healthcare Division. The team within the new division offers "a suite of Secure Mobile Healthcare Information Management applications designed to enhance the three core National Health IT initiatives – electronic medical data management, cost reduction and coordinated patient care," the company said. More

Continua Health Alliance backs Senate's health bill: The personal health devices interoperability alliance, Continua Health commended the Senate Finance Committee's work on the America's Health Future Act of 2009: “The Chairman’s Mark will empower patients to live independently while taking a proactive role in their own care from the comfort and convenience of their homes,” stated Chuck Parker, executive director of Continua Health Alliance in a statement. “The references in this legislation will help enable solutions that address the problems of aging, chronic disease and physical impairments through the provision of telehealth, remote monitoring and wellness and care coordination services. We look forward to supporting the committee’s work as this legislation is debated and moves forward.” More


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