Report: Mobile healthcare opportunity for reaching Hispanics

By Brian Dolan

The Hispanic Institute and Mobile Future recently published a study of Hispanic Americans' adoption of mobile technology, and the Huffington Post's Jonathan Spalter concludes that the healthcare industry needs to reach out to the Hispanic population via the mobile platform based on the group's staggering adoption rates of mobile technologies. To wit: More than 50 percent of the U.S. Hispanic population uses the mobile Internet, while one about one third of U.S. whites use the mobile Internet. Spalter explains:

"The report suggests ways to improve access to health care, education and economic opportunity, all through encouraging wireless innovation. Take health care. Hispanics are more likely than some other groups to suffer from diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Text messaging is an obvious and inexpensive way to expand preventive care by reminding people to check their blood sugar levels, check their blood pressure or take their medications. Wireless monitoring of a heart condition is already a reality."

Spalter rightly points to the Pew Internet's work on the opportunity for the healthcare industry to reach the Hispanic population in the U.S. via the mobile platform, as they have been beating that drum for a long while -- more here.

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