Eli Lilly's Glucagon app now available for Android

By Aditi Pai
09:51 am

GlucagonIndianapolis-based pharma giant Eli Lilly has announced the company now offers an Android version of its app, called Glucagon, which is designed to help caregivers and providers treat people with diabetes if they fall into an insulin coma.

The app helps the user feel prepared to use Glucagon, which is a prescription drug that must be injected. The Glucagon app allows the user to practice the steps for administering Glucagon, using the touchscreen simulator. It also allows users to record the locations of Glucagon kits so one can be located in an emergency. It also tracks expiration dates of all the kits, so if a kit is going to expire soon, it can be replaced. The app has an injection tutorial and emergency instructions.

Though the Glucagon Android app just launched this year, it has been available in the Apple App Store since September 2012.

Glucagon is one of four apps that Eli Lilly currently offers. The other three are Lilly Oncology CT Resource, which helps healthcare professionals locate clinical trials based on cancer type, country, state, drug, and phase; Lilly AudioTour, which provides healthcare professionals with audio commentary on more than 30 scientific posters from the American Diabetes Association's 2015 Scientific Sessions; and Lilly Oncology Pipeline.

Earlier this year, Eli Lilly announced its plans to open a new drug delivery and innovation center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The center has a planned staff of 30 scientists and engineers. The focus of the new Lilly Cambridge Innovation Center will be on drug delivery and device innovation, specifically related to diabetes, neural degeneration (including Alzheimer’s), immunology, and chronic pain. Those are all areas where the medication involves some kind of injectable or biologic, and Lilly wants to explore all kinds of innovations related to drug delivery devices — including, potentially, additional mobile health offerings.


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