Misfit unveils low cost activity tracker Misfit Flash Link

By Aditi Pai
05:00 am

Flash LinkMisfit has announced a new inexpensive tracker, called Misfit Flash Link, which is a small circular device. Flash Link will be priced at $19.99 and will go on sale later this quarter in retail locations globally.

The Flash Link will sync data to a new app the Misfit is also launching, called Misfit Link. Link is only available on iOS for now but an Android version is coming next month. Users can also interact with different apps on their phone through Misfit Link. For example, users can take a selfie with the user's phone camera and Snapchat through Link. Users can also control their music on Spotify and Pandora apps through Link. Misfit explained that additional functionality is coming soon, including integration with IFTTT and Logitech.

The company also announced that it is lowering the prices for its other two tracking devices. The Shine will now cost $69.99 and the Flash will sell for $29.99.

Misfit CEO Sonny Vu previously said that although Misfit’s activity trackers are probably in third place in the US behind Fitbit and Jawbone, in China, Misfit is the most popular of those major brands. One of Misfit's biggest competitors outside of the US is likely Xiaomi, which sells its own activity tracker, called the Mi Band, for $13 (79 RMB) and plans to add heart rate tracking to its next version. Xiaomi also contributed to Misfit's $40 million round that was announced in December 2014.

About a month ago, Misfit announced that it’s partnering with Coca-Cola and will.i.am to release another accessory for Misfit Shine, called the Ekocycle Field Band, which is a rugged wristband made of recycled material. This is not Misfit’s first partnership with Coke. In the summer of 2014, Misfit introduced a Coca Cola Red Shine tracker. The soda company also integrated Shine into its wellness program for employees. Notably, Misfit co-founder John Sculley is a former CEO of Pepsi.


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