Shorts: Qualcomm; IBM; Mayo; Ericsson

By Brian Dolan

Qualcomm brings 3G wireless health services to rural China: "Qualcomm enthusiastically supports the Chinese government's commitment to rural informatization, improved medical services and the development of enhanced rural health care systems," said Jing Wang, executive VP of Qualcomm Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa. "We are pleased to be working with an innovator like Xi'an Kingtone to help China's rural doctors gain better access to medical information and services. Providing adequate health care services to widespread rural populations is a challenge in many countries. 3G wireless technology has proven to be effective in overcoming many of these challenges and we continue our commitment to using wireless technology to help improve economic conditions and enhance quality of life in local communities across China." More

IBM's Secure Living telehealth project heads to Italy: IBM announced a telehealth project for about 30 patients in Bolzano, Italy. The patients are all in their 80s and the one-year project, called "Secure Living" aims to improve the independence and quality of life of the elderly patients, who will be remotely monitored with in-home sensoring gear. More

Mayo Clinic builds out its online offerings: "Our new features help people suffering from hypertension and high cholesterol better manage their health based on the expertise of Mayo Clinic physicians," said Sidna Tulledge-Scheitel, a primary care physician at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minn., and medical director of Mayo Clinic Global Products and Services. "The fields of technology and medicine are constantly advancing, and Mayo Clinic Health Manager will continue to evolve so our users will always have the best health information and tools." More

Ericsson helps lead the Digital Health Initiative: Ericsson said it will be a founding member of the Advisory Board of the Digital He@lth Initiative (DHI), a multi-stakeholder partnership aimed to accelerate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for health through the utilization and promotion of digital health solutions. Ericsson will provide strategy and direction to "help DHI leverage information and communication technologies to dramatically improve health care in even the poorest of countries." More