Care at Hand raises $560,000 for health analytics offering

By Aditi Pai
10:47 am

Care at HandBoston-based healthcare analytics company Care at Hand has raised $560,000. The round was led by strategic investor PCG Public Partnerships, a financial management services firm that helps state, county, and local public agencies to implement a participant-directed service model so they can make personalized choices about which services they receive within their budgets.

Care at Hand offers a mobile early warning system for home care that aims to decrease readmissions and help home care workers who have less formal training to document health observations more easily.

At an event earlier this year, the company's founder, Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky, discussed the main insight behind his company — that a lot of the care being provided right now to low income patients doesn’t come from doctors and nurses, but from nonclinical workers. By empowering these workers to alert the healthcare system to their hunches and observations about patients, provider systems can catch complications earlier and prevent readmissions.

Care at Hand will give PCG Public Partnerships, a division of Public Consulting Group, the ability to provide direct care workers with an affordable means of exporting valuable "red flag" health-related events to case managers.

The company has taken part in two accelerator programs. In April 2013, Care at Hand joined StartUp Health's class of consumer health startups that were given mentorship and support from GE Healthcare. The company was also part of one of Rock Health's first startup classes.


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