Webinar today: Digital health and patient acquisition, member enrollment

By Brian Dolan

Brian Dolan - MobiHealthNews Editor-in-ChiefThis afternoon -- in less than two hours -- MobiHealthNews will be hosting its next webinar: Digital Health Strategies for Patient Acquisition and Member Enrollment. We'll be kicking things off a few seconds after the hour as usual -- so be sure to register now and join us for the webinar at 2PM ET. Here's today's topic:

Digital health services often aim to help lower the cost of care and improve outcomes, but they also help savvy healthcare organizations acquire new patients, members, or customers. In recent years, text messaging, symptom navigator or appointment booking apps, remote video visit services, and many other digital health offerings have helped health groups acquire new patients or members.

In this MobiHealthNews webinar, we will review the ways in which healthcare providers, health plans, and other organizations can harness digital health technologies to attract new patients. We'll also take a deeper look at how text messaging in particular is an important acquisition tool for all healthcare stakeholders with a focus on engagement.

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