Sweden's Diabetes Tools acquires direct-to-consumer kids app, DiabetesGuru

By Aditi Pai

TriabetesGoSweden-based company Diabetes Tools, which has developed a mobile, clinical diabetes management service, called TriabetesClinic, has acquired a consumer-facing diabetes tracking app for children, called DiabetesGuru, from its developer, Shore Innovation.

Diabetes Tools will own the rights to DiabetesGuru as well as the rights to its other marketing and brand assets. Over the next few months, DiabetesGuru software assets will be transferred so that the app can be integrated into the Diabetes Tools framework. DiabetesTools will still offer DiabetesGuru for free as a standalone app. The developer behind DiabetesGuru, Henrik Sjostrand, will still support the project.

“Since I do this in my spare time, now is the right time to move the app to a more professional setting," Sjostrand said in a statement. "I am delighted that Diabetes Tools has agreed to take it over. It's a move that will allow many more families to benefit from the hard work I have put into it.”

Diabetes Tools' TriabetesClinic offers mobile programs for children, adults, and homecare. The app for children helps manage the child's transition between school, sports, vacations, and other activities; offers children a personalized, in-app insulin dose calculator, which is set up and controlled by their doctor; and syncs data to the child's medical team. The version for adults aims to help users understand their diabetes in context of the rest of their life. The app compares food, blood glucose, insulin, medicine, exercise, and weight. Triabetes' third offering, for homecare, is used by the caregiver to record data about the person with diabetes.

“The deal with DiabetesGuru adds a new dimension to our digital health product portfolio,” Diabetes Tools CEO Anders Weilandt said in a statement. “Whereas TriabetesGo, our app for keeping insulin-dependent children connected with their families and doctors, is exclusively available from treatment clinics using the TriabetesClinic service, DiabetesGuru is a standalone app and can therefore be used by children and families when a TriabetesClinic affiliation is not offered in their local area.”