CTIA: Wireless health already a product category

By Brian Dolan
12:18 pm

CTIA Wireless Healthcare"Wireless carriers are really behind wireless health," Rob Mesirow, Vice President, CTIA, the international association for the wireless industry told MobiHealthNews in a recent interview. Wireless healthcare has quickly become a true product category for the wireless industry during the past six months, Mesirow explained.

"You don't typically see a product category emerge and get that kind of status as quickly as wireless health has," Mesirow said. "It bodes very well for everyone in the wireless health space."

Earlier in the year Mesirow explained that CTIA's wireless carrier association members had put healthcare initiatives at the top of their list for new areas to explore for next generation services, which is why at the CTIA Wireless IT & E event next week in San Diego, wireless healthcare will be a topic bubbling up in many sessions.

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Mesirow noted that while the event next week does not include a dedicated keynote for wireless health, like the presentation Dr. Eric Topol gave at CTIA's spring event, both AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega and Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs and Founder Irwin Jacobs plan to discuss wireless healthcare during their keynotes next Thursday, October 8th.

(Following those keynotes is the MobiHealthNews Presents: Everywhere Healthcare event -- free for all CTIA attendees. More info here.)

“We took a run at this five years ago and it fizzled out pretty quickly,” Mesirow explained earlier this year. “Quite frankly, it just wasn’t the time, the stars weren’t aligned, wireless data networks weren’t robust enough and medical data wasn’t there. Now, the next generation of doctors, who are more comfortable with health IT technology, along with stronger mandates from the federal level and robust carrier networks are coming together. Everyone agrees that the healthcare industry is inefficient — and that’s putting it lightly.”

Visit CTIA's event website for info on all of the healthcare-related events and seminars at CTIA Wireless IT & E next week.