Qualcomm Life acquires Capsule, moving it into in-hospital medical device connectivity

By Jonah Comstock
08:31 am

capsule axonQualcomm Life, the mobile technology company's subsidiary focused on medical device connectivity, has acquired Capsule Technologie, a France-based clinical data management company that currently serves 1,930 hospital clients in 38 countries, for an undisclosed amount.

Up until now, Qualcomm's focus has been on connecting the data from home healthcare devices back to the hospital. But with the acquisition of Capsule, the company will also move into the space of connecting devices within the hospital to the hospital's EMR and IT systems.

"Qualcomm is focused on strengthening its position in specific Internet of Everything verticals, like healthcare," Derek Aberle, president of Qualcomm, said in a statement. "The acquisition of Capsule expands the breadth of our healthcare platform, enabling us to provide connectivity solutions for the entire care continuum and create one of the world's largest connected health ecosystems. This will be an important step in advancing the Internet of Medical Things."

Capsule's core offering is the SmartLinx Medical Device Information System, which integrates data from collection devices across the hospital and formats them to be used by receiving systems for clinical documentation, clinical decision support, alarm management, or clinical research. It also collects and analyzes data about the devices themselves, which hospitals can use to track the efficiencies of their medical device infrastructure.

Qualcomm Life's primary offering, 2net, is a platform and hub for connecting home health devices, so it's easy to see how the two systems could be integrated together. Qualcomm Life also acquired Healthy Circles, a front-end care coordination software company, in 2013.

Qualcomm Life has made headlines in recent months with big partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem. In January it announced collaborations with both Roche and Novartis, working with Roche to integrate 2net with anti-coagulation meters and other Roche point-of-care products and with Novartis on its global Trials of the Future program, in which Novartis is endeavoring to use more mobile technology in its clinical trials and to provide connectivity for future Novartis products. Qualcomm Life also announced a partnership with Walgreens that would allow customers to incorporate their home health devices into Walgreens rewards programs.


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