iHealth Core, a new weight scale for people with chronic conditions

By Aditi Pai
10:50 am

iHealth CoreMountain View-based iHealth Lab, subsidiary of China’s Andon Health, has unveiled a new connected scale, called iHealth Core: Wireless Body Composition Scale (HS6), as well as an upgraded version of the companion app, iHealth MyVitals. The new scale is designed to help people with chronic conditions like obesity and hypertension manage their health.

"iHealth is changing the way that people track and manage their health by empowering them with data and resources they need to get a better understanding of their overall health and wellness," Steve Monnier, vice president of sales and marketing at iHealth said in a statement. "This new scale, in conjunction with our app, will help consumers make the changes needed to improve their overall quality of life."

The scale tracks weight, body mass index, body fat, lean muscle and bone mass, water weight, calories, and visceral fat rating. HS6 can support 10 users and logs 200 data points offline. 

This data is sent via WiFi to the cloud and pulled into a companion app, MyVitals, available for iOS and Android devices. MyVitals offers users a reporting dashboard that shows trends in the user's data and provides users with explanations of the nine metrics of body composition and why they are important. MyVitals also has a food tracking database with logging features.

The device, which will retail for $129.99, will be available on Walmart.com, Amazon.com, and BestBuy.com. iHealth will also be available in retail stores like Best Buy Canada beginning in mid-September.

iHealth hasn't made much news this year, but in September 2014, the company raised $25 million in a strategic investment from Chinese investor Xiaomi Ventures. MobiHealthNews reported at the time that the funding coincided with a corporate restructuring to transform the subsidiary into a more globally decentralized company.

Earlier that year, iHealth  received FDA clearance for iHealth Align, a small, smartphone-enabled glucometer. iHealth announced the product along with a new pricing strategy for diabetes care, dubbed Simple Savings. The new device is just slightly larger than a quarter in circumference and plugs into the phone’s headphone jack, allowing it to be used with either Apple or Android phones.


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