Roche, Voluntis to co-develop mobile-enabled therapy for breast cancer

By Jonah Comstock
10:28 am
diabete-diabeo-iphone Voluntis's Diabeo app, not available in the United States

French medical app company Voluntis is partnering with Roche Pharma France, a subsidiary of Roche, to develop a mobile-based therapy for breast cancer.

Voluntis makes companion apps as medical devices. It has so far focused on the areas of diabetes, hemophilia, and coagulation. Voluntis actually worked with Roche Diagnostics in the past, on a companion software for Roche's CoaguChek INR self-testing device. The company raised $29 million last spring with plans to bring their diabetes-related offerings to the United States. FDA clearance on Diabeo is still pending.

The breast cancer offering, which will be evaluated in a clinical trial in France, will use an app and telemedicine to monitor patients between doctor visits as they're treated for cancer. Here's how the companies described the offering in a joint release:

"This companion solution will couple medical device software and, when suitable, telemedicine services. Prescribed by care-teams as an extension of treatment, it will help patients better manage their symptoms. These symptoms will be entered manually by the patient or collected automatically through connected objects in a mobile app. The data will then be automatically analyzed and sent via Internet to the patient’s medical team, which will remotely ensure personalized follow-up. Patients will then be pushed tailored recommendations to adjust their treatment thanks to the algorithmic intelligence integrated in the heart of the mobile and cloud solution."

If the trial goes well, Voluntis Roche might adapt the offering to treat other cancers as well.

In other Roche news, last week diabetes connectivity company Glooko added Roche's Accu-Chek Aviva Connect glucometer to its list of connected glucometers. It's the first Bluetooth-connected meter on the platform.

“We are excited that Glooko has chosen to add the Accu-Chek Aviva Connect meter to its platform,” Laura Spiegel, group marketing manager of strategy and innovation at Roche Diagnostics said in a statement. “By adding our Bluetooth enabled meter to its lineup, Glooko is able to leverage seamless access to blood glucose data in order to deliver actionable information that is accessible near real time. Individuals using Accu-Chek Aviva Connect can easily share this information with their care team to support better decisions and care adjustments for positive health outcomes.”


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