MedZed raises $3.2M for provider-assisted video visits

By Aditi Pai

MedZedAtlanta, Georgia-based MedZed has raised $3.2 million for its doctor house call service that allows providers to remotely connect with their patients with the help of a caregiver. The funding includes a few seed rounds from as early as January 2014.

"MedZed is focused on connecting doctors and their patients," MedZed CEO Scott Schnell told MobiHealthNews. "Our focus is on going to a frail or elderly patient that can't get to the doctor or won't get to the doctor -- they have a number of comorbidities and they're sick and unwilling to travel. Typically their means of transportation is an ambulance. What we are is a bridge that allows their physician to see them in their home... Our goal is to reduce utilization by keeping people healthy."

MedZed, which currently offers its service in Atlanta and New York (with plans to move into California in Q4), employs caregivers, ranging from nurse practitioners to licensed practicing nurses.

At a physician's request, MedZed will send these caregivers to a patient's house. From there, the physician will watch the caregiver give the patient an exam via video conferencing software. Many of the tools caregivers use during these exams are Bluetooth-enabled. Data from these tools is sent to the physician on the same device used for the video conference.

MedZed validated the technology using a pediatric patient population, but the emphasis and focus of the service is on an older population. The company charges a per-visit fee to providers that use the service.