Survey: 83 percent of Apple Watch owners said device contributes to their overall health

By Aditi Pai
10:27 am

Wristly SurveyA new survey of 1,500 consumers from Apple Watch research service Wristly has found that 83 percent of the Apple Watch owners surveyed said the device at least somewhat contributes to their overall health and fitness.

Just under 60 percent of respondents said the watch contributes to some change in their health and fitness and 24 percent said the device contributed to a lot of change.

The survey also found that 12 percent of respondents said the Apple Watch's fitness capabilities were the primary reason they bought it, while 48 percent said these capabilities were at least one of the main reasons, 30 percent said they were somewhat important, and 10 percent they were not important. 

Two popular features of the Apple Watch include activity rings, which "close" once users complete their fitness goals, and a stand up feature which reminds the user to get up if they have been sitting for too long. Some 38 percent of respondents reported that they were reaching their goals associated with the activity rings almost every day of the week, 42 percent said they were a few times a week, and 10 percent said they completed goals hardly ever.

When asked about the standing feature, 74 percent of users said they were standing more as a direct result of the reminders, 65 percent said it prompts them when they can't stand, for example when they are driving, and 9 percent said they wish they could turn it off.

Apple has also noticed the popularity of these features. Just a couple months ago, in a rare interview with Outside Magazine, Jay Blahnik, Apple’s director of fitness for health technologies, spoke about the Apple Watch’s impact on users’ fitness since it launched and the importance of the Stand ring. At the time, Blahnik said, the Apple Watch’s “three ring” user interface, which prompts users to move, exercise, and stand each day, was working as a motivator. Apple Watch users become obsessed with closing the rings every day and, even more importantly, create a positive and holistic framework for thinking about activity, he said.

Although Wristly's data shows that large percentages of users are buying the Apple Watch for fitness capabilities, data from earlier this year shows that the commercial availability of the Apple Watch has not significantly affected sales for one of the most popular activity tracker companies in the market, Fitbit.


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