Voalte announces pilot results from Sarasota Memorial

By Brian Dolan
09:01 pm

VoalteVoalte announced this week a collaboration agreement with Sarasota Memorial Hospital that sees the care facility's nurses using Voalte's iPhone-based voice, alarm and text offering. Trey Lauderdale, Vice President of Innovation at Voaltė explained to MobiHealthNews in a recent interview that the service allows Sarasota Memorial's nurses to send and receive text messages, make voice calls, and receive critical care alarms through their iPhones in an effort to provide faster response times for their patients. The hospital began piloting the Voalte service in June.

"The way we have structured the deal is as -- what we call -- a 'development partner relationship,'" Lauderdale said. "They have piloted our solution and we received an unbelievable amount of information about how the solution needs to be built and what different functionality and features nurses and physicians are looking for in a communications platform."

Voalte's CEO Rob Campbell explained that the version of Voalte One that Sarasota Memorial has been piloting included a feedback loop that allowed nurses to tell the team at Voalte (in real-time) what they thought about the service: "We have a 'talk to Voalte' feature, which when selected, you can text message directly to us. It has allowed us to immediately have feedback from 150 nurses who have been trained on the system and communicating with us about things they'd like to see. It might be as simple as wanting a button on the left instead of the right or enlarging the text so it's easier to see. At the same time, we can talk back to the nurse, so if we see that a nurse is not using the product as intended, then we can fire off an immediate suggestion to them with a tip," Campbell said.

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According to Voalte, nurses often spend "up to 75 percent of their shift dealing with, finding, or coordinating information," which means less time actually spending time at the patient's bedside.

Voalte's review of the pilot found that the facility is quieter now: "The results of a private study after the implementation of the application indicated a 78 percent reduction in overhead paging," Voalte stated in a press release.

Voalte is now rolling out its iPhone-based solutions to other units of Sarasota Memorial and two other hospitals in the U.S. have since implemented the Voalte offering, according to the company.

For more, read this press release from Voalte.


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