Verizon Wireless offers home healthcare worker app

By Brian Dolan
09:31 pm

Verizon Wireless announced that it is now offering an application for home health care workers called OnCare, that was developed by Xora. The application aims to help home health care companies increase efficiency and productivity by allowing administrators to securely dispatch, track and communicate with mobile caregivers. The app runs on GPS-enabled mobile phones that also help care givers find their way to appointments with turn-by-turn navigation while helping the caregivers track their mileage. The OnCare app also includes reporting features that help ensure that care plans are administered properly and billing is handled correctly. Verizon Wireless said that OnCare by Xora requires the Field Force Manager Custom Base Client, which runs $20 per line per month and Field Force Manager add-on, an additional $15 monthly access fee.

For more on OnCare: read this press release from Verizon Wireless.


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