Withings launches new fitness tracking watch, Activite Steel, priced between Activite and Pop

By Aditi Pai
09:53 am

Withings Activite SteelWithings has launched its third analog activity tracking device. This one, called Activite Steel, costs $169.95.

The new device is more expensive than the Activite Pop, which costs $149.95, but cheaper than the company's higher-end device, which costs $450.

Activite Steel shows the user two dials, similar to the other devices. One hand shows the user the time, while the other shows the user's daily goal progress. The device automatically detects activities, like running and swimming, and will monitor sleep when worn at night. Activite Steel is set in a stainless steel case with chrome hands and silicone straps. Withings claims the Activite Steel has a "distinctive masculine feel". Data from the Activite Steel is sent to a companion app, available on iOS and Android devices, called Health Mate. 

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Withings launched the Activite, its highest end activity tracking device, in June 2014. The watch, designed in a Swiss village that’s known as a center of Swiss watchmaking, has a stainless steel watch case, sapphire scratch-proof glass, and French calf leather straps.

Then, at CES this year, Withings announced a low-cost version of the device called Withings Activite Pop, which costs $149.95. The Activite Pop offers all of the same fitness features that the Activite does, but is made with a PVD-coated watchcase and a “smooth silicone strap”.

Withings is not the only activity tracking device company focused on style. There are at least five other digital health companies working with fashion labels to develop stylish wearables including Fitbit, OMSignal, and Misfit, which was recently acquired by accessory-focused design house Fossil Group.


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