CTIA: A virtual tour of the Wireless Health Pavilion

By Brian Dolan
01:20 pm

Aventyn ClipAventyn provides solutions for securely connecting and integrating portable patient-centric electronic health records with hospitals, clinicians and patients. Our unique approach uses RFID, wireless sensors to connect relevant clinical data to the EMR for improved efficiency of healthcare delivery. Use of our ehealthXML and healthKrypt security technologies enable portability and secure sharing of health information on ARM and x86 platforms.

Aventyn’s unique modular architectural approach to build connected health information software is a key competitive advantage. We develop products that take on the toughest health information interoperability and information security challenges on current and emerging computing platforms. CLIP web-based solutions with integrated wireless sensor, RFID capability is deployed at Hospitals and Physician Offices.

Product offerings: Comprehensive electronic patient record management; Seamless patient administration from admission to discharge; Capture and share patient-centric health information securely; Efficiently manage medication, lab investigations and chronic diseases; Automated Unique Identification and Authentication; Secure User, Device Centric Data Rights; Improved HIPAA Compliancy and Auditing Policies.


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