CTIA: A virtual tour of the Wireless Health Pavilion

By Brian Dolan
01:20 pm


Corventis, a remote monitoring and diagnostics solutions provider announced last month that is had finished enrolling patients into its MUSIC (Multi-Sensor Monitoring in Congestive Heart Failure) program, which includes two trials: the MUSIC Asia (180 patients) and the pivotal MUSIC study (362 patients). The trials aim to develop and evaluate an algorithm to predict heart failure events.


The Corventis system monitors respiration rate, patient activity levels, and fluid levels in a patient’s body through a water-proof, adhesive sensor that is applied to the patient’s skin. Corventis’ primary use case is for predicting heart failure, which has been the aim of is MUSIC clinical trial. The company is also trying to determine if the system can accurately diagnose sleep apnea through changes in respiration and blood oxygen levels — a future version of the device will include a sensor for blood oxygen.

Corventis is the first start-up that the West Wireless Health Institute has committed to. The trial is designed to clinically validate remote wireless monitoring technology in proactively managing heart failure patients and reducing hospital readmissions, according to the Institute’s press release.


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