Samsung-backed dacadoo raises additional funding for digital health engagement platform

By Aditi Pai
10:49 am

DacadooZurich, Switzerland-based dacadoo has raised an undisclosed sum from European investors for its employee wellness platform. While the latest investors haven't been discolosed, Samsung Venture Investment contributed to the company's previous round, which was announced in April.

The company has developed a health tracking and engagement program, available on iOS or Android apps, for employers to offer to their employees or for businesses to offer to their customers. Dacadoo tracks the user's exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep, and mental well-being. The program then uses this data to create a health score between one and 1,000 for the user. This score is meant to help the user understand how their health is evolving over time. Dacadoo also provides gamification features, social features, and personalized feedback to keep users engaged with the offering.

The platform can integrate data from a number of health tracking devices including Fitbit activity trackers, Jawbone activity tracker, Withings weight scales, and Zephyr heart rate chest straps as well as apps like RunKeeper and Endomondo.

Consumers are also able to use the program independent of their employers. For private users, the program costs $4.99 per month.

Earlier this week, dacadoo announced that it signed an agreement with Kenji Development, which will build up dacadoo's business for South Africa. And in August, dacadoo signed a deal with WingArc1st, a Japan-based business intelligence software company, to roll out the program to companies in Japan.