Microsoft launches My Health Info for MSN

By Brian Dolan

Last week Microsoft launched a beta version of My Health Info, an online health information management service that pulls data from HealthVault but also offers users widgets that help them upload and organize their HealthVault data. As you may expect, the widgets include connections with personal health devices like heart-rate monitors and pedometers. My Health Info is part of MSN.

MSN positions My Health Info as a platform for care givers like parents and adults who take care of aging parents -- it's also aimed at people managing chronic conditions and multiple medications.

"People care deeply about credible, timely, and comprehensive information about health topics," Scott Moore, U.S. executive producer at MSN told CNET in a recent interview. "We are committed to delighting our customers with information, services, and tools that keep them informed and simplify their lives."

The new MSN offering launched around the same time as Keas, an online health information platform launched by former Google Health head Adam Bosworth. Bosworth told the New York Times last week that Keas will follow a similar model to Apple’s App Store — medical experts, like physicians, can add health plans to the site that they have designed. If users purchased one of these care plans, Keas would take a cut of the revenue and pass the rest onto the plan’s designers. Keas has secured integration with both HealthVault and Google Health.

While Keas and My Health Info have different approaches, the growing interest in online platforms for health plans or tools that include wireless health has been palpable these past few weeks.

For more on My Health Info, read the CNET report here.